Archives Archives Back in the Beginning The Church as it was first built - complete with the big Stations and the original stencil decorations 28888289 High Altar 1894 Notice the Altar Candlesticks and the Gong - still in use in 2006! 28888290 Saint Joseph's Altar 1900 Note that Saint Philip Neri has arrived - again the statue we still have in Church today. 28888291 Saint Mary's in the 1920s A class photo from around 1920 28888292 School 1927 A class photo from 1927 28888293 School 1930s Another photo from the late 20s or 30s 28888294 Sister Mary Electa A familiar face to manyof our older parishioners - a former Headmistress of the Primary School 28888295 Whit Walks A picture of the procession in 1927 28888296 Whit Walks 2 Another picture of parishioners in the White Walks, sometime in the 1930s 28888297 From the Air A most unusual view of Saint Mary's, probably sometime around the Second World War 28888251 Saint Mary's Bell! A picture from the late 60s or early 70s showing the original West window and the Bell Tower complete with Bell! 28888252 Champions! Saint Mary's victorious football squad at the end of the '72 - '73 season. 28888253 Saint Mary's Primary School 1940 Thanks to Cathy Bell (nee Sweeting) for this contribution to the archives. 28888254