Links to Sites that may be of interest...!

Saint Mary's R.C. Primary School

General Catholic Sites

The Diocese of Salford - our own Diocesan website, with information on all the Parishes and Mass times of the Diocese, together with news and articles from the various Diocesan departments.

The Holy See - just about everything you could imagine on the huge Vatican website, including Pope Benedict XVI's speeches and sermons, as well as all official Church documents.

The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales - news, press releases and information from the Dioceses of England and Wales.

Catholic Online - a comprehensive news and information site from the USA.

While on the subject of things from the USA, you may be interested in the American Bishops' Conference Film and TV Review site, which gives reviews and commentaries on all the latest films and (mainly American) TV programmes.

Oh, and did you know that the Vatican has nominated its top 45 films of all time? Nice to see that an Ealing Comedy ("The Lavender Hill Mob") gets in! Then again, so does "The Wizard of Oz". Check out the full list here!

For information on our Patron, Saint Philip Neri, the Oxford Oratory has a concise history of his life.

You may wish to have a look at the Lourdes website, complete with webcam on the Grotto!

Prayer and Scripture

Pray As You Go - an English Jesuit initiative, where you can download daily prayers to your mp3 player! Big files though, probably only for Broadband users!

If you want a prayer site without length downloads, try Sacred Space - produced by the Irish Jesuits.

If you're interested in Monasticism, have a look at Pluscarden Abbey, a Benedictine community in Scotland.

Catholic Online have what could be the most complete list of Saints outside the Vatican; make sure your Confirmation name is here!

For the daily Scripture readings used in Mass, the American Conference of Bishops have an excellent site; be warned, though: it uses the New American Bible, while we here in the UK use the Jerusalem Bible for Mass readings. Also, some feasts will occasionally have different readings here, and some feasts will not appear at all!

For more reflections and meditations on the Sunday readings, check the Saint Louis, Missouri, Catholic University Liturgy site.

Oremus - A site where you can search the Bible by verse, using several different translations.

Doctrine and Catechesis

The full text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, also available here.

Liturgy and Worship

From our Parish Office we also produce and edit the Salford Diocesan Liturgy Website, a wide ranging resource site for the Diocese of Salford and beyond.

Further resources are available from the National Liturgy Office at Liturgy Office for England and Wales.

Another excellent site is provided by the American Bishops' Conference Secretariat for the Liturgy.